The Classic Whiskey Glass Set of Two in Gift Box
The Classic Whiskey Glass Set of Two in Gift Box

The Classic Whiskey Glass Set of Two in Gift Box

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  • Our set includes two whiskey glasses packaged in a specially designed gift box.
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Enhance your drinking experience with Crafted Barware’s classic Smooth Whiskey glass

Feast your eyes on the smooth Whiskey Glass, a premium masterpiece that will leave you begging for more. A gorgeous glass crafted to complement the rich flavors of your favorite whiskey, taking you to an elevated drinking experience that will leave you feeling like a whiskey expert.

Built from premium, lead-free crystal, our smooth whiskey glass is the epitome of beauty and resilience. Its smooth and gentle curvature is not just only an excellent addition to the whisky culture but also has a significant role to play in enhancing the drinking moment.

This unique whiskey glass is engineered to offer optimal balance. With its substantial base and comfortable heft, it fits perfectly in hand, creating a satisfying and stable grip. The glass’s substantial weight matches the seriousness of the spirit within it, while the smooth silhouette provides added pleasure.

Indulge in the classic Whiskey glass smooth, a premium masterpiece designed to enhance the rich flavors of your favorite whiskey.

The glass has been designed with a generous capacity to accommodate your whiskey, ice, or even mixers without obstructing the vital room needed to swirl and release your spirit's complex aromas. From neat, casual sips to daring on-the-rocks cocktails, this smooth whiskey glass is the best old fashioned glass.

With the best whiskey glass, you get more than just an ordinary drinking glass. It’s a tribute to the spirit of whiskey itself, magnificently combining aesthetic grace with functional excellence and versatility. Whether you prefer your whiskey neat or with a twist, our smooth whiskey glass has got you covered.

Crafted Barware’s classic smooth whiskey glasses aren’t your average whiskey glasses. It’s a luxurious piece of art that transforms your ordinary drinking moments into unforgettable moments. Order today and indulge in a whiskey-drinking experience like no other.

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