Barrel Aged Trading Co. Ice Baller Press in Wood Box
Barrel Aged Trading Co. Ice Baller Press in Wood Box
Barrel Aged Trading Co. Ice Baller Press in Wood Box
Barrel Aged Trading Co. Ice Baller Press in Wood Box
Barrel Aged Trading Co. Ice Baller Press in Wood Box
Barrel Aged Trading Co. Ice Baller Press in Wood Box

Barrel Aged Trading Co. Ice Baller Press in Wood Box

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  • Crafted with two metal halves that seamlessly slide together, this ice baller shapes a consistent and enduring ice sphere from a frozen block.
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Ideal for Cocktail Aficionados

Craft your perfect cocktail with the Barrel Aged Trading Co. Ice Baller Press in Wood Box. Engineered for precision, this custom ice press features two high-quality metal halves that seamlessly unite to form a flawless ice sphere. Each sphere, at 2.3 inches, is crafted to last longer and melt slower, enhancing your drinking experience without watering down your favorite spirits.


  • Ideal for Cocktail Aficionados: Effortlessly create perfect ice spheres in under a minute. The Barrel Aged Trading Co. Ice Ball Press is trusted by bartenders nationwide, ensuring your cocktails are cold and undiluted.
  • Premium Materials for Long-lasting Quality: Unlike traditional ice trays, our anodized aluminum press compresses the ice during formation, producing a solid sphere that resists melting. This isn’t just a tool; it’s a statement piece for any home bar.
  • Luxurious Packaging: Comes in a wooden gift box that turns every cocktail preparation into a special occasion. Includes a four-cavity ice cube tray, epitomizing sophistication for your beverage experience.

Benefits of Using a Round Ice Sphere:

  • Slower Melting Rate: Enjoy your drink cooler and less diluted for longer.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Adds a touch of class to your beverages.
  • Even Cooling: Chills your drink uniformly, not just at the top.

How to Use the Barrel Aged Trading Co. Ice Baller Press

Step 1: Prepare the Ice

  • Pre-Freeze Ice Blocks: Use the included four-cavity ice cube tray to freeze large blocks of ice. Make sure the water is near freezing before pouring it into the tray to reduce air bubbles, which can make the ice cloudy.

Step 2: Set Up the Press

  • Assemble the Press: Place the lower half of the metal press on a flat, sturdy surface.
  • Insert the Ice: Remove an ice block from the tray and place it on the center of the lower half of the press.

Step 3: Form the Ice Sphere

  • Position the Top Half: Carefully align the top half of the press over the ice block.
  • Let Gravity Do the Work: Gently place the top half onto the ice. The weight of the upper part of the press will begin to melt and mold the ice into a sphere. Do not force it down; the natural weight of the press is designed to shape the ice perfectly.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

  • Wait for the Ice Sphere: It takes about a minute for the ice to fully mold into a sphere. You can see the excess water being pushed out as it forms.
  • Remove the Ice Sphere: Once formed, lift the top half of the press and take out the perfectly rounded ice sphere.

Step 5: Use the Ice Sphere

  • Place in Your Drink: Immediately transfer the ice sphere to your drink and enjoy. The round shape ensures a slower melting rate, keeping your beverages chilled longer without dilution.

Step 6: Repeat

  • Make More Ice Spheres: If you need more ice spheres, simply repeat the process with the remaining ice blocks. The press can be used continuously; you may just need to wipe it down if too much water accumulates.

Tips for Best Results

  • Chill the Press: For even better results, you can chill the metal parts of the press in your freezer before use. This helps to speed up the process and minimizes the initial melting when the ice comes into contact with the press.
  • Use Pure Water: For clearer ice spheres, boil the water before freezing it or use distilled water to reduce impurities and air bubbles.

Using the Ice Baller Press is an easy way to elevate your cocktail game, adding a touch of elegance and practicality to your home bar setup. Enjoy your perfectly chilled drinks!

Premium Materials for long-lasting Quality

  • Consistent Performance: Each ice sphere is as perfect as the last.
  • Durability: Built to last through countless uses.
  • Ease of Use: Simple enough for any home bartender yet robust enough for professional use.
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