The Classic Whiskey Glass Set of Two in Wood Box
The Classic Whiskey Glass Set of Two in Wood Box

The Classic Whiskey Glass Set of Two in Wood Box

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  • This set includes two whiskey glasses along with a wooden box for storage and presentation.
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Unlock your whiskey’s full potential with Crafted Barware’s classic Hammered Whiskey glass

Are you a whiskey lover searching for a glass that speaks to your sophisticated and rugged style? You need the hammered whiskey glass in your collection. This handcrafted beauty is specifically designed to enhance every aspect of your favorite spirit's flavor profile.

Designed from premium, lead-free crystal, this glass offers a crystal-clear view of your whiskey while providing exceptional durability to use it countless times. What truly sets this whiskey glass apart is the unique, hammered texture that decorates the exterior. This artisanal detail not only catches the light, making your whiskey shimmer enticingly but also provides an excellent grip.

With its ample capacity, this stunning glass boasts the perfect balance of space for your whiskey and ice, allowing you to swirl the drink and aerate it to unlock its full potential. Whether you prefer your whiskey neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail, our unique whiskey glass showcases versatility in every sip.

It's more than a simple drinking vessel; it's a conversation piece that reflects your refined and daring taste in spirits.

Not only does this glass excel in function, but it also serves as a visual addition. The hammered texture adds rustic charm and gives the glass a robust feel, ensuring it will stand out in any glassware selection.

The best glasses for whiskey feature a well-balanced design with a weighted base for stability and a broad bowl that gracefully narrows towards the rim. The classic Hammered Whiskey Glass embodies the perfect style, function, and rustic sophistication and will elevate your whiskey experience to the next level experience like no other.

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